Principal Speaks on Importance of Dress Codes

Principal Speaks on Importance of Dress Codes

Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

The dress code is a huge part of the rules here at CHS and continues to receive buzz from students and staff.

A recent change to the dress code includes scarves (head wraps) now being allowed; the reasons for this are cultural, in order to give students of other ethnic backgrounds a sense of identity and belongingness, said Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre.

“It was important to them,” said Scott-Aguirre.

Other benefits and reasoning behind the current dress code include safety and community norms.

There is more of a safety issue with hats especially, due to security measures and making sure the identification of students on cameras is accurate.

In addition, these dress code rules are important to uphold not only in school, but in other places as well.

“I think dress codes are common in workplaces,” she stated.

Scott-Aguirre also explained the various dress codes in contrasting settings, such as the uniforms on sports teams, employee uniforms in restaurants, and many other places of office.

“There’s expectations in different settings,” she remarked.

In light of the recent dress code survey english teacher Beth Lifson sent out to staff members, the most common violations of the dress code include hats and hoodies, which make up about 98-99% of all violations.

“It’s important for students to understand the variety of dress codes. When you go to school, there’s a different way of dressing,” said Scott-Aguirre.

The dress code will continue to be a debatable topic at CHS, but the reason is to keep the school a safe and secure place.