CHS Mini Bike Club Starts For The New School Year


Mark Watts

Finished mini bike and team dog at CHS mini bike club.

Milana Oliphant, Co-Editor

There are many clubs and activities at Centennial.   A club Centennial has had for a few years in the mini bike club.  Before being assigned to this topic I had never even heard of the club, which made me wonder how many other clubs CHS we have but people do not know about because there is not much attention given to it.

Mini bike club begins at the start of the school year and goes until the beginning of February.  The students in the club do all of the metal work and assembly themselves. Which can teach students many valuable skills such as how to assemble the bike, install the engine, upholstery, and painting.  

Metals Teacher Mark Watts advises this club and said, “When they are done building they have their own mini bike”.  

Hunter Johnson, a student currently in the club stated, ”I am having fun, but there is a ways to go. We still have to paint and put the engine on.”

If parents want to come help students build they are more than welcome. Watts stated, ”If parents want to work with their kids, that’s fine”.  

The club costs $250 to cover the cost of materials.  Prior to joining the club a year in metals class is required.  

It might be too late to sign up this year but next year if you are interested and in a metals class head down to Watts’ class in room 192 right next to the health center room.