What’s On Your Christmas List?


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Aaron Valentine, Staff Writer

Aaron Valentine
Simone Willingham

Simone Willingham, junior, hopes for “Macbook for editing, and I want airpods so I can charge my phone and listen to music, and I want a camera either a Cannon or a Sony HXR”.

Aaron Valentine
Rachel Lee

Sophomore Rachel Lee is hoping for “snow for Christmas.”

Aaron Valentine
Ashley Chavez

Ashley Chavez, junior, is “wishing that my cousin will come home.”

Aaron Valentine
Kim Tu

Freshman Kim Tu wants a “Fitbit so I can record my times for distance.”

Aaron Valentine
Reynaldo Cortez

Sophomore Reynaldo Cortez say he would like “peace with family and the world.”

Aaron Valentine
Jen Loeung

Teacher Jen Loeung says, “I would like Rain barrels and a series of books.”

Aaron Valentine
Angel Aluesi

Angel Aluesi, junior,  is wishing for “my whole family to be together.”

Aaron Valentine
Marlene Hicks

Junior Marlena Hicks is wishing for “someone to pay my college tuition and also a car.”

Aaron Valentine
Autumn Beck

Autumn Beck, sophomore, says, “I wish for happiness and good health in my family especially out of the recent traumas in the world.”