Fall Athletes Earn Many Awards

Angeles Villanueva, Staff Writer

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Girls Soccer

Allie McKee, Senior, Honorable Mention MHC: “I got an Honorable Mention defender, and I’m really proud of myself because I wasn’t expecting to win that place. I’m very proud of my team how we did this season.”

Angeles Villanueva
Cassidy Belmont

Cassidy Belmont, Freshman Honorable Mention MHC: “I got an Honorable Mention for defense I was very honored and surprised.”

Angeles Villanueva
Madisen Kramer

Madisen Kramer, Sophomore, 2nd Team MHC Midfielder: “I got second Team a League for Midfielder. It was exciting, and surprising.”

Angeles Villanueva
Bethany Dinh

Bethany Dinh, Senior, Team Inspirational Award, and Honorable Mention MHC: “I got most Inspirational Award. It felt cool; I was honored to get that award. I also got an Honorable Mention, and I am very proud of myself.”


Angeles Villanueva
Alexi Howard

Alexi Howard, Freshman, Honorable Mention MHC: “I got Honorable Mention.  I felt good getting it as a Freshman, because it gave me more confidence.”


Chloe Smith, Senior, Co-offensive Player of the Year, and 1st Team MHC: “I won Co-Offensive player of the year, and got First Team All League. So it’s my fourth year getting it , and I was excited. It was also my first time getting the Co-Offensive player of the year.”

Angeles Villanueva
Shoshana Lewis

Shoshana Lewis, Senior, First Team Defense MHC: “I feel good.  It really means a lot to me because I’ve worked hard.  The team supported me and pushed me to get my best.”


Boys Soccer

Angeles Villanueva
Kevin Vasquez

Kevin Vasquez, Senior, 2nd Team MHC: “I was Second Team All State. It feels good to get on second, and it’s a good feeling to get recognized.”

Noel Perez, Junior, 2nd Team MHC: “I feel I’ve improved from last year, because last year I got Honorable Mention, and that  was a big step.”

Angeles Villanueva
Brandon Torallaba

Brandon Toraballa, Senior, Honorable Mention MHC: “I got Honorable Mention, I was actually surprised because I didn’t think I was gonna get anything because half of the season I had an injury, and I felt I let my team down.”

Aye Doh Chan, Sophomore, 1st  Team MHC: “I got first team all league, which is my second time getting it, I was surprised because my freshman year I did better than this year, and thought I wasn’t going to get it.”

Angeles Villanueva
Angel Santiago-Garcia

Angel Santiago Garcia, Junior, 2nd Team MHC: “I won Second Team all State, MVP, and Athlete of the Month. I felt very proud for winning these awards.”

Angeles Villanueva
Gabriel Jaramillo

Gabriel Jaramillo, Senior, 1st Team MHC Goal kicker: “I won First Team all League for Goal Kicker. I felt  good because I was it was like proving I was good at defense. “



Angeles Villanueva
Jimmie Barton

Jimmie Barton, Junior, Honorable Mention MHC Kick Return, 1st Team MHC Running Back: “I got 2nd Team a League for Running Back, and Honorable Mention for Kick Return. I felt pretty good knowing how hard I worked, and it’s starting to pay of.”

Alex Ibarra, Junior, 2nd MHC: “I got 2nd Team all league. I really didn’t expect it. It was a good feeling being recognized by the team, and the coaches it makes me feel proud.”

Angeles Villanueva
T. Micheal Proehl

T. Michael Proehl, Senior, 2nd MHC, and Honorable Mention for Defensive Line MHC: “I got Second Team all league for Defensive line. It has definitely been a long time working for it, and it made me feel honored.”

Nick Garcia, Senior, Team Most Inspirational, and Bob Acres Eagle Award: “I got Most Inspirational, and Bob Acres Eagle Award. I felt really honored to get this because it meant a lot to me.”  

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