Measure 98 Gives Metal Shop A Makeover



Mark Watts with the new Plasma Cutter machine.

Meera Forespring, Staff Writer

First the weight room and now the metal shop! It seems that this year many of CHS’s elective classes are getting the makeovers that they truly deserve.

The funds for the new metal shop equipment came fro Measure 98, a 2016 vote that gives direct funding to high schools in order to improve school conditions and graduation rates.

“I was given around $50,000 to do some major improvements for the metal shop,” said Watts.

The metal shop now has new equipment including three new welding machines, a brand new plasma cutter, and a CNC milling machine.

This new equipment will provide better and safer learning opportunities to all students looking to develop their skills in the metal shop class.  

“The students absolutely love the new equipment and all of the new projects that they will be able to do. Measure 98 is really helping our schools a whole lot. What it’s doing is really awesome,” said Watts