What Did You Think Of The Winter Assembly?



Dance Team wins food drive competition. Left to right Natalie Sato, Jael Calloway, Leah Song, Kelly Tran, Maddy Kalas.

Jared Arenas, cub reporter

Last Tuesday we had our Winter Formal assembly, which mainly focused on Formal court, and the Formal proposal competition. An award was also given to a student from each class that had 90% or better attendance.

Following the assembly, a cub reporter has asked fellow students who attended their thoughts on how the assembly went.


“It was alright. If there was one thing I would change, It would be so that I would be able to see it all.” -Kenzie Goshert, freshman


“The assembly was O.K. I wish that I would be able to see it better though. I’m sitting on the opposite side and I never get to see the groups do their actual performances.” -Victor Carvajal, freshman


“Nothing was interesting about it. I literally wanted to die when the K-Pop group came out and did their performance.” -Sam Yakimov, freshman


“If there was one thing that I could change, it would be the throwing of the candy. They never throw it far or hard enough, and I sat in the back row.” -Joshua Koshuba, freshman


“Yeah, I liked the assembly. I would change the games so that they were funner. Funner and longer.” -Kurtis Yang, freshman


“I thought it was funny. I would change the technical difficulties.” -Jewel Munoz, freshman


“I didn’t like it as much as the previous ones. The microphone was ghetto and the technology kept cutting off.” -Robert Anderson, sophomore


“It was boring. I only liked the part where they brought out everyone for the winter formal.” -Sophia Kline, freshman


“It was fine. I couldn’t really hear it, and they needed to speak up more.” -Meigan Shufen, sophomore


“I thought it was low key weird and boring.” -Joanlex Hernandez, sophomore


“I thought it was fun to watch. The cheerleaders needed longer outfits though, in my opinion. I think it could’ve been improved if they actually focused on things that would benefit the school. It was cool how they brought out the winter formal people, but they I felt like they could’ve talked about things that could help the school.” -Karina Rigo-Vargas, junior


“I thought it was really cool. I thought it was partly cheesy, specifically the part where the queens and kings-or princes and princesses, whatever they’re called- walked down the floor.” -Rylee Poirier, freshman


“You want my opinion? I liked it. I thought it was cool because my best friend was in it” -Haylee Chernault, freshman


“This is coming from someone who actually helped and set it up. It went pretty well. In terms of technical difficulties, I also felt it went pretty well too.” -Tammy Chu, freshman