Two Side Perspective on Abortions

Two Side Perspective on Abortions

Vincent Gray and Daniella Young

Advisor Note:  The Talon fully understands that this is a controversial topic.  We also understand that there are two sides to every story and we welcome reader feedback.  Not everyone on our staff agrees with the opinion stated in this article, but we do support the writer’s ability to voice his opinion about the subject. 



Writer: Vincent Gray

Abortion is the choice to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and I’m all for it.

Giving birth to a child, whether or not one decides to keep the child in their own care, is a big decision. Someone outside of an individual’s experience can easily argue “Why not just give the baby up for adoption?” but it is unjust in regards to a person’s rights and autonomy over their own body.

Many would argue, “Someone will adopt it,” but this argument clearly does not stand as thousands of children remain homeless, in orphanages, or entangled in the foster care system. I would even dare say “pro-life” is not pro-life, but pro-birth. People would argue against abortion as simply a moral standpoint, rather than an accurate reflection of logic or reason.

One in every 30 children are homeless in the United States; the follow-through of an unwanted pregnancy certainly cannot be helping this.

It is clear that some people are valuing the life of an unborn infant over the life of a grown human being with experiences and stories to tell. Perhaps the baby would grow up to have stories to tell, and an important role to play, but it is unjust to risk the lives and wellbeing of women at chance.

In an argument of chance, one could easily say the baby could grow to be a savior for the underdogs. One could also say that the baby if born could grow to be the next fascist dictatorial leader of a country. With such things at chance, we must go for the one thing we know for sure. Women undeniably deserve the right of rule over their own bodies.

The opposition to abortion only goes to invalidate the experience of many women, and put down and victim blame sexual assault survivors. Carrying through with a pregnancy one does not want can be a stressful and traumatic experience. No one should have to experience this.

I do see that for some people the personal choice to continue carrying a baby is the right one, and some people may prefer to keep the baby or place it up for adoption, but that choice should be up to the person carrying and no one else.

We can make a change at CHS: Motivate teachers and friends to vote during elections, advocate for women’s rights, and stand for the right to choose an abortion.

For students who want to confirm a pregnancy, the School Based Health Center at CHS does pregnancy tests and can help guide a student through a pregnancy process.

The SBHC is located directly next to the metals room and art rooms.  

The SBHC can also provide condoms and other birth control methods.



Writer: Daniella Young

Abortion is a very controversial issue that continues to be a dividing dispute in our nation.

While I agree that this may be the right choice for some in certain circumstances, I believe abortion is a decision that should be thought in terms of what is best for the child, and nothing else.

A living being is a precious thing, and it breaks my heart to think that even at the earliest stages, a seed or fetus is not considered by many to be “alive.”

Responsibility is something that we learn at a very young age, and I believe that if we make a choice and it doesn’t turn out the way we necessarily want or expect, we should take responsibility for that decision.  This includes silly things such as buying shoes that we really didn’t need or like, posting something mean on social media or getting a speeding ticket. But it also applies to major decision such as choosing to have sex, and if it happens, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Growing and learning is an important part of life.  

We as teens have been educated about safe sex. We need to use that knowledge before being in a situation that we might regret later.  Being prepared for the possibility of a pregnancy will help the individual later on to become a positive role model to the child.

In the end, the individual who made that choice should be held accountable for their decisions that they have the privilege of making; the impact of a life being taken away closes doors of opportunity for not just the child, but everyone in their life.