Many Students Praise REAP



Daniel Shelton, one of the REAP advisers.

Terra Williams, Staff Writer

REAP is a leadership program made to help students with grades and attendance.

Though it’s mainly populated by African American students, REAP welcomes all races said Daniel Shelton, one of the advisers for REAP.

REAP consist of two different groups: Solutions and Renaissance

Solutions, is a men and woman group of all different ethnicities. This group was made to help the students succeed in school by giving help in academics, leadership and giving students a voice.

Solutions works on four units: civic engagement, health, education and business/entrepreneurship.

REAP emphasizes skills in areas that can be used in real life situations, said Shelton.

Renaissance, is an African American male only group. Renaissance is a lot like solutions; it teaches leadership but more of the masculine traits of it.

Shelton said the name was based off the Renaissance view of a man and that’s what it strives to teach its students.

Renaissance has seven focuses they work on: Health education, Fatherhood, Values, Civil Rights, Where Do I Belong, Entrepreneurship, and Innoventions.

REAP has had a strong impact on many students.

Junior Simone Willingham said, “I got to meet the senator that was pretty informational. We went to the Board of Education and talked about what we would want to change about the school.”

Nye Aliza Davis, a senior attending REAP for the past two years, said, “REAP provides a comfortable place at this school.”

She also happily said REAP helped her build social skills and business skills.

Honey Sebeh, also a senior, has been in the program since sixth grade. She explained that “REAP programs, leadership and education, has been instrumental in how far I’ve grown in my personal and academic life.”

Nicole Johnson, one of the advisers of REAP said, “REAP has inspired me to increase my leadership skills.”

She also said that it helped her to get to know people and get to know herself better, too.

“All of these students have left a positive impact and gave me strength to be my best person.”