Strikes On Windows Kill 1 Million Birds A Year In US

Jilene Jensen, Staff Writer

Every year, one billion birds are killed from window collisions in the United States alone. Thinking windows are an opening, an extension of a property or weather causes birds could collide with it.  

At Centennial, birds are at high risk to collide with courtyard windows. This could possibly cause damage to the windows and kill or injure the birds.

There are some steps the school could take to prevent either of these events.

“One thing we can do is have a decal of a peregrine falcon the outline of Peregrine Falcon will deter them away from coming near,” said Teacher Kasey Church, birder.

Students could also prevent collisions by sticking decals on windows at home. A lot of window collisions happen at residential areas. Decals are stickers that prevents birds from hitting the windows.

Bird strikes can be identified on the windows. Usually birds will leave something behind after hitting the windows including can find feathers, dander or smudges. If a bird is found alive but stunned, put it in a quiet place until it recovers.

Birds usually don’t have diseases on their feathers that humans can catch, so touching them is safe, according to the portland audubon society care center.