Senior Portrait Deadlines Are Coming Up Soon

The deadline to submit senior photos to the yearbook is approaching fast.  

If your student had a photo taken at school by Lifetouch, the deadline to “replace” that photo with a different professional picture is Jan 10, 2019.  However, if your student did not have a photo taken by Lifetouch at either the beginning of the school year or at the October retakes, the deadline to submit a senior picture is Dec. 12, 2018.

The process to submit pictures is simple.  Go to

Our password is “Centennial High” and it is case sensitive.

Here are the guidelines for senior pictures:

DEADLINES:       DECEMBER 12, 2018 if you do not have a school photo taken at school by Lifetouch.

JANUARY 10, 2019 if you have a school photo taken by Lifetouch:  January 10, 2019

  • Lifetouch photos will be submitted automatically.
  • Students who purposely ruin the Lifetouch photo—crazy faces or hair and unruly make-up are common attempts—forfeit this extended deadline.

FORMAT: We accept vertical format, COLOR, head and shoulder pictures only.  If printed, it would be a 2 X 3 inch VERTICAL picture with the head size being 1¾ inches from chin to top of head.

DPI- Digital images should be at least 300 DPI (the photographer will know what this means).

  • Avoid sending oversized files; if the file is set to print a High Quality 8 X 10, we generally cannot use it because we cannot “shrink” it enough for our purposes.

VERIFICATION Photos will be posted in January for student review before they are sent to print.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the correct photo and name spelling is used.

We reserve the right to use your school photo if you do not submit an acceptable photo.

  • NO NEON or “crazy” backgrounds.  Blue or Grey is preferred.
  • Outdoor shots are accepted, but they must be professional portraits, not cropped snap shots.
  • Extreme close-ups are not allowed.
  • FACE the camera.  We will not accept “staring off in the distance photos.”
  • Props are not allowed; this includes hats, hands and masks; hands/elbows should not frame the face.
  • Distorted/Filtered/Soft focus  photos are not allowed.
  • Neither harsh “whiteout” flash NOR “flash shadows” are allowed.
  • No watermarks or photographer logos allowed.
  • We do not accept snapshots or selfies.