MEChA Is A Great Way To Get Involved

MEChA Is A Great Way To Get Involved

MEChA is a club where students get to meet, and know each other.

This club is run by the six student leaders, and teacher Julia Kirkpatrick.

Julia Kirkpatrick said,” I think MEChA is a place where people come to help each other, and support each other.”

The student leaders are: Reynaldo Memije Cortez, Sophomore, Princessa Gani-Gutierrez, Junior, Jose Sanchez, Junior, James Barrera, Junior, Edgar Vasquez, Junior, and Sam Moo, Sophomore.

If students who wish to join want to join the MEChA club the, only thing you have to do is come in after school in the Lecture room, and stay there till 4:30 pm.

The purpose of the MEChA is to get academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, and culture awareness.  

The whole group meets Thursdays after school, but all the leaders also meet on Tuesday after school.

They usually meet for fundraisers,  to socialize, and know each other

Sanchez said, “ It’s always a good experience, and we just joke around, and we check if someone is feeling bad or something.”