Student Describes First Job

Student Describes First Job

At some point everyone will get their first job. Last fall I started to look for a job because I realized that I’ll be needing a car and just wanted my own money to spend, even though my parents would give me money for things I wanted.

I applied to every job I could think of and even places that weren’t hiring. I just thought I wanted something that’d just get me the money I wanted. So after about a month of searching I got hired at a Papa Murphy’s Pizza. I was really excited to work there not knowing what things I would come across.


The management was very bad. They’d send us home one hour into your shift because labor was too high. And being someone who was trying to get more hours and more money, I was very upset about that.

After calling out sick for the first time, five months into my employment, they scheduled me for half the amount of hours I usually got because it, “seemed like you don’t want to be getting hours and call out” said the manager to me.

I talked to some of the other people there, and Kiara, a student at David Douglas said, “The managers treat the new people as if they are maids, and if you even think about getting some sympathy from them you better think again.”

The shift leaders and workers that have been there for a year or more were treated with favoritism. When it came time to close, the new people would have to do most of the dirty work like the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, washing the floor, and when someone were to speak up about it to the management they didn’t even get talked to.

Getting and keeping a first job is something everyone will have to come across, and it’s not easy finding a good one. I would recommend doing your research and looking at reviews on indeed and other job sites, and looking for a job that you can enjoy. Not just a fast food restaurant that gets you by. Students looking for jobs can find so much greater opportunities and get a greater pay than the more tedious jobs pay.