Canned Food Drive


 Student Leadership is hoping students will join them for the Canned Food Drive which runs Nov. 5-16.  

Food for Families and student counsel are running the event.  

The canned food drive will benefit families that are in the Centennial School District that need extra support. Food and money can be donated.

“We have raised close to 40,000 pounds of food in the past,” said Activities Director Jimmy Mei.

To donate, look for the h boxes right next to the cafeteria and and drop your donation into the labeled with a club or a club sport that you’d like to receive “credit” for the donation as there is a friendly competition between a variety of school groups.

We want to raise about 40,000 pounds of food this year. For every 8000 pounds there will be an incentive. First place winners will receive a $500 grant for their club or sport, with second place receiving $250.

The canned food drive has been around for over 20 years.