Trade Schools Offer Alternative To College


Vincent Gray, Staff Writer

There is so much pressure put on students to attend college, but for some that experience just racks up unnecessary debt and potentially goes to waste; our society seems to avoid letting youth know their other options in fear of failure.

Roughly 70% of students are reported to attend college of some kind out of high school.  What are the options for the remaining 30%?

Zach Ramberg, assistant principal, said, “We have to be intentional about promoting trades”

According to the lifehacker website trade school is another option.  Trade schools cost on average $33,000, while on average a bachelor’s degree in college is roughly $127,000.

Not only is trade school less expensive, it also generally takes up much less time, meaning trade students can get into the workforce much sooner than many college students.

College certainly has its benefits, but for some, its pros may outweigh the cons, and for those people, trade school is an excellent alternative.

Some examples of trades one could take up are plumbing, landscaping, roofing, etc.

There are different types of trades one could do out of high school: Union trade being when someone works for a specific union or company, and non union when a person would have the option to work for themselves and create their own business.

Military is another option students could consider. Ramberg agrees that joining the military could be an excellent option for some students, and could even chose to attend a college after time in the military, potentially having some of their college tuition paid off by military funds.

There are so many options out there for students, and though our society is so driven by college it is not the only option.

Ramberg said, “Remember, you’re 18, you can change your mind. Don’t feel that pressure of one choice and done.”

If you are a student or know a student who may be interested in a trade, the Multnomah County manufacturing handbook is an excellent source, you can request one at the front office of CHS or in Ramberg’s office.