Cub Reporter Sees Two Sides To Measure 106



Chelsea Hartung.

My first thought when talking about abortions is that I had a pretty big opinion. I thought women should have the right to choose. I mean it is your body right?

So when I heard about Measure 106 I was really upset. I looked into it and realized that the Measure had some pretty valid points. I originally thought they were trying to ban abortions completely,  but that is not at all the idea.

The more I researched the Measure, the more confused I got with my original opinion. I now stand in the middle. I don’t have a “for sure” opinion; I agree with both sides. They both make very compelling arguments.

What is the Oregon Measure 106? Measure 106 is “Ban Public Funds for Abortions Initiative.” This is on the ballot as an initiated Constitutional Amendment on November 6, 2018. This Measure will prohibit public money being spent on abortions unless “medically necessary.”

When is it medically necessary? An abortion under this measure is only medically necessary “… if a licensed physician determines that a woman would suffer an injury or death unless an abortion is performed.” Individuals get no choice; it’s left for medical personnel to decide.

The Oregon Catholic Conference wrote in the state Voters’ Pamphlet, “Should elective abortions be paid for with taxpayer money? Should late-term abortions, when the baby is fully formed, be funded with public money?

Should sex-selective abortions, abortions chosen because the baby is an undesired girl and not a boy, be paid for by Oregon taxpayers? We don’t think so. What the Measure did not cover over is what happens when the mother cannot afford a child? Yes, she made the choice to have sex and she took the risk to do it unprotected but, why put that child’s health and life at risk?

This Measure isn’t going to ban abortions completely. It’s saying that taxpayers no longer have to pay for them. According to Oregon Right to Life, Oregon is the only state with no restrictions on abortion. That means taxpayers are funding painful late-term abortions.

Late-term abortions are medically proven to cause the unborn child pain as he/she is slowly removed from the mother limb by limb. This is legal and funded by taxpayers. That is what should be changed. That is what should be illegal. “The State of Oregon should not take away the right to get abortions.” That is not what is happening. If you can afford to pay for the abortion then go get one, but the State of Oregon is no longer paying for them.

No Cuts to Care argued, “Oregonians overwhelmingly believe that abortion should be legal and available for everyone, not just those who can afford it.” Condoms are way cheaper than an abortion and much healthier.  If you cannot practice safe sex, don’t have sex at all. Simple as that. The situation is that taxpayers should not have to pay for an abortion just because you weren’t careful and you weren’t thinking.

Now, for the people asking, “What if there was a rape?” Guess what? According to the Measure, “…public funds may be spend on abortions in circumstances of rape or incest, or diagnosed with ectopic pregnancies.”

This Measure is not banning abortions completely. It would make it so taxpayers and the State of Oregon doesn’t have to pay for them. It is not taking away the right for individuals to make that choice, they just have to pay for it out of pocket.