Why Are School Dances Important?



Lily Lewis.

Imagine it’s your freshman year, and even though you might not have a boyfriend or a date, you decide that you’ll go to a school dance anyway, with your friends. But, now you have to spend money, a lot of money, for a dress (or tux), makeup, shoes, hair, nails etc.

Now imagine that you sit at home on your couch, reading a book that you got for five dollars, drinking a soda. That’s cheaper and more relaxing.

Why are school dances so important to everyone? You go out and spend over $100 to wear something once. For once I’d rather spend my money on a new book, or something for my little sister; something that’s going to last.

Everyone keeps telling me that I should join a sport, or go to a dance. I don’t feel like standing around awkwardly in a crowded gym with people I just met, afraid of my sweat making my makeup smear, or something equally just as annoying.

I’d much rather sit at home with my earbuds in, reading my favorite book for what must be the millionth time, or talking with my friends on Amino, or look at posters and t-shirts I want to buy. Something I can do more than once, or that will last longer.

How many times am I going to be wearing a fancy dress? Only if I go to school dances. How often do I wear makeup? Rare that I even have it. I see it as getting a costume I’m only going to wear once. What’s the point?

It’s not just the price, or that it won’t last. It’s so awkward, and stressful. What if someone has the same dress? What if my date doesn’t like it? What if I get inside and look like an idiot?

I get it. Making memories. A once-in-a lifetime-experience.

But, you can make memories just as good at home with your friends as you can out on that dance floor.

Being at home will always be better.