School Uniforms At CHS Would Be A Horrible Idea



Jared Arenas

Jared Arenas, Cub Reporter

I believe that school uniforms should NOT be a mandatory regulation at Centennial High School.

Although none of the schools in the Centennial School District currently have school uniforms, the number of schools that do have uniforms has been steadily rising over the years. In the 2006-2007 school year, 16.5% of schools were reported to have them. In the 2015-2016 school year, 21% of public schools then reported that they do require students to wear uniforms.

One reason why students shouldn’t be required to wear school uniforms is that they won’t be able to express themselves. If every student at a school ends up wearing the same outfit every day for a school year, things will eventually get dull and no one can stand out.

Clothing is a crucial part of letting teenagers and kids be themselves, and uniforms would take that away. Letting students keep this form of expression could also keep them motivated to do well in school.

Another reason uniforms aren’t a good idea for CHS is because there are other things the school should focus on instead. For example, all this time and effort from teachers and staff could instead be going into improving their teaching methods and other things about the school.

Improvements could include focusing more on collaborations between students and teachers, reducing fixed costs, and work towards a more comfortable learning atmosphere suited towards students.

Arguments for school uniforms can include that bullying can simply be avoided if every student wears uniforms, or that if students do wear uniforms, they’ll be less likely to step out of line, since a bar is already set for students.

My argument for reduction in bullying is that bullying will still happen even if everyone wears the same outfit. A bully usually decides to target someone because their life at home or because they’re insecure with themselves. A change in outfits won’t change that, and they’ll most likely continue the bullying.