Nesbitt Heads To Liberty; Conrad Takes Over Marketing



Jeremy Nesbitt.

After three fruitful years teaching at CHS, Jeremy Nesbitt has left the Eagle’s Nest.

During his time here, Nesbitt was in charge of the student store and taught marketing. Due to an hour-long commute to and from school, Nesbitt was unable to get fully involved at CHS without staying all hours of the day.

So, when the opportunity became available for Nesbitt to teach at a school with less of a commute, he applied for it.

But that’s not to say Nesbitt was dying to get away, in fact, he had quite a few fond things to say about CHS in last week’s phone interview. He spoke about how much he loved being able to teach students in different grade levels and how much fun it was to run the student store.

Whether it be the football games with pouring down rain or the delightful discussions with his colleagues, Nesbitt’s memories of CHS will last a lifetime.

With Nesbitt now teaching at Liberty High School, CHS has hired a new teacher, Chip Conrad, to take his place. Conrad was an entrepreneur with exceptional business experience making him the top choice to fill Nesbitt’s shoes.

Chip Conrad.

Conrad has made some changes to the marketing class by making it more project-based and is now taking marketing campaigns for real companies.

These changes were made to fit his main goals for the class which is to work with businesses outside of the school. Conrad said that he loved teaching marketing and that it was his favorite class next to business ownership.

He also encourages students to sign up for Marketing 2 which currently does not have any students signed up.

All in all, CHS is thankful for the time Nesbitt spent teaching here and are happy to welcome Conrad to the Eagle family. As Nesbitt said, “Hopefully it will be a win-win for everyone!”