The Talon Asks: What is the most difficult part of balancing a job and school?

The Talon Asks: What is the most difficult part of balancing a job and school?
Ronnel Quintanilla.

Ronnel Quintanilla, Senior

Works at:  Kohls

“Having to prioritize your work and your school work.”

Rickie Williams.

Rickie Williams, Senior

Not currently employed

“The most difficult would be balancing sports and a job because sometimes the sports interfere with you working and vice versa. Another thing that’s really difficult is doing homework and working.”

Kaylinn Lawrence.

Kaylinn Lawrence, Senior

Works at:  Fred Meyers

“You get tired, and then it’s like you don’t want to get home and do homework.”

Dymond Ragland.

Dymond Ragland, Senior

Works at: Big Town Hero

“More or less finding time for myself, or finding time to sleep so I can work and go to school efficiently. Then with the pressure to go from straight out of school and go straight to a job and not get home until 11, you’re just really tired all the time. Also finding time to study is a hard one.”

Ashley Chavez.

Ashley Chavez, Junior

Works at: Beauty Salon

“Timing between your schedule; and your class and homework. And if you’re doing any after-school activities.” 

Asia Reynolds.

Asia Reynolds, Junior

Works at: Elmer’s

“Having a job makes it harder to have a social life, and harder to keep up.”

Simone Willingham.

Simone Willingham, Junior

Works at: KBOO Radio

“Keeping up with homework, and time management dealing with school and work.”

Chelsea Hartug.

Chelsea Hartug, Sophomore

Works at:  Snowcap

“The hardest part I think is having the motivation to get all your school work done, do your job, and have a social life.”