How Did You Feel About The Fire Drill?


Angeles Villanueva and Marissa Q. Bennett

Recently, CHS was struck with what should be a normal event: a fire drill. Intending to improve the school’s security, the school implemented a new system which  allows teachers to know if a kid is missing during a fire drill. Taking attendance makes it safer for students in the event of a real fire. Here is what a few members of our community think about this new system, which took a bit more time than past fire drills.

Pantera LaMon – Senior

Senior Pantera LaMon explained, “I personally don’t see how for the students it was different but for the teachers they have to take attendance. Teachers have to take first thing in class than take roll again on a seperate sheet outside. It’s a little weird to be completely honest. It is a good system. It says, yeah all my kids are here. They have to actually hand in attendance again. If a kid is in class, they’ll see that they aren’t there. It’s better.

“It felt more like – I don’t want to say rushed cause that’s not the right word but it felt more like urgent than others.” LaMon continued by stating that,” Even though everyone knew it was not real,  people took it more seriously than they have in previous years.”

Pantera LaMon.

Grant Pruett – Security Guard  

“It (the change) does a couple things,” Grant Pruett said. “Makes it so that it was an actual emergency, everyone is accounted for much easier. It sets up for future fire drills that if something you know- -it’s just a drill. Keeps the kids accountable rather than like exiting off campus which has been a problem in years past. Because now a teacher knows immediately – cause their taking roll.and their individual like sections each time that their out there. And separating into smaller groups makes it easier to makes sure that you have all the kids that are supposed to be in that class.”

Grant Pruett.

Suzi Gurney – Librarian

Librarian at CHS, Suzi Gurney, said, “I thought it went very smooth. No problem. I had my clipboard, I had one student. Took my attendance and that’s it.”

Suzi Gurney.

Abel Farias – Junior

“It’s just a normal drill,” junior Abel Farias said, “No ones looked confused any way shape or form. So the students don’t get confused. Like ‘oh this wasn’t like this in previous years’”

“It’s really loud,” Farias said.

Abel Farias.

Jade Robinson – EA

On an opposing viewpoint, EA Jade Robinson said,“More so just from where I was at that substitutes got confused. It was also more freshmen-sophomore. They might have been a little confused as well.”

Robinson said, “It seemed like it was kind of long. I think there were some kind of students that were a little confused.”

Jade Robinson, EA.

Joe Massey – Security Guard

Joe Massey, a security guard said, “I think it went smooth, with the new way they’re doing it.”

“I don’t know how it’ll go if a real fire broke out, but the drill went smooth. I think it went real good,” he said.

“Everyone compiled and followed what they were supposed to do. Students that were in the halls at the time of the drill went with other classes and just put their name on that roll sheet.”

“I think it went great. I think it was real good,” Massey said.

Joe Massey.