Parking Permits Available



Parking passes hanging from cars parked in the lot. Parking passes are required in order to park.

Vincent Gray, Staff Writer

Centennial High School offers Campus parking to any student who has a legal driver’s permit and meets all other criteria in the application.

It is required that any student applying for Campus parking permit have valid ODL, car registration, as well as insurance.

Students who receive parking permission will be given a designated parking area (first-come, first-serve) and are required to use that area only.

Violation of parking requirements will result in temporary removal of permit for a specific time period. More serious violations will end parking permission altogether with law enforcement investigations for chemical or weapon violations.

CHS Security Guard Grant Pruett says “We’re three weeks into the school year, if you’re parking back there you need to get a parking pass. I’ve already been giving out tickets.”

Students who would like to apply for CHS student parking can find applications in the main office at the high schools front entrance.