Volleyball Chases First League Win Since 2013



Kristy Ree coaches the girls volleyball team. The girls volleyball team takes on Reynolds tonight.

So far the varsity volleyball team is 0-5 in league, 2-6 overall, in the beginning of the season but have many more games to prove themselves that they are capable of winning.

Centennial has not won a league game since 2013 leading to a 74-game losing streak.

Coach Kristy Ree said, “ We want to win, but winning to us is improving as a team.”  It’s her first year back she is excited to be coming out of retirement and teaching the team new things everyday.  

The beginning of the season so far is going decent but the team is working on improving skills, IQ, and team chemistry. Ree is happy that they are moving in the right direction.

In the game last Thursday, the Eagles let the game slip from their hands by having many self errors. David Douglas wasn’t going to lose without putting up a fight, and that’s what they did. Centennial player Ashley Hawkins was keeping them in the game by keeping the ball alive for the opportunity to score several times. Hawkins said, “As long as we are all playing our hardest we should be fine when it comes to playing good teams.”

Tuesday Sandy was playing like a well-oiled machine as they beat the Eagles 3-0.

In today’s game the Eagles will attempt to break the long losing streak at Reynolds.