Cross Country: A Personal Perspective



File Photo from 2017.

My cross country team is doing really well. We practice every day from 3 to 4:30 or 4:45.

We practice hard and we have fun all at the same time. We have meets during the week and sometimes on Saturdays.

We are a family at cross country and I love it because of how we treat each other; we have fun but if someone messes up we laugh about it, then help them. Cross country to me is a team working together to keep each other motivated.

We have had a couple meets so far and our last one wasn’t bad. The top three varsity boys  from September 15 were sophomore Sam Schuhl with a mile time of 5:23 and a second mile time of 5:36 which lead to a 16:57.31 overall time. His mile pace was 5:28, placing in 18th.

Sam Schuhl.

Junior Jason DeLeon was also strong as he finished with a 1 mile time of 5:22, with a 5:36 second mile.  DeLeon finished with a time of 17:02.10 and a average mile pace of 5:29 while placing 21st.

Jason DeLeon.

Sergio Luquin also competed well with a 1 mile time of 5:31 a second mile time of 5:59 as he finished with a time of 18:0, placing him 74th.

The top 3 Varsity girls from last Saturday were senior Maddie McHone with a mile time of 6:37 and a second mile time of 7:47 with an overall time of 22:38.07 and a average mile time of 7:18.

Overall, Kim Tu ran 23:30.60 and Emily Spain ran 24:01.50.

Our next meet is Saturday in Seaside. Find our times here next week!