Rugby Earns Trophy With First Win


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Girls Rugby Team.

Rugby began in 1840 when a soccer player for Rugby School in England got tired of just kicking the ball and picked it up and ran with it.  The opposing team, outraged at the Rugby player, tackled the runner. After a brief conference between the teams, the sport of Rugby was founded.  Years later, American football would be adopted from Rugby.

“Rugby is a beautiful, elegant, and fiercely tough game,” said Head Coach Tom Bremer.

A young, spirited Girls Rugby team dominated by freshmen and sophomores continued to improve week-by-week guided by Senior captains Jasmin Vazquez, Deanna Vaivao, and Isabella Torres.

The girls won the Spring 2018 Bowl Championship final, placing them 5th in the state.  This was their only win of the season.

“I would also like all of you to understand this victory was not just a milestone for our season, it was a critical milestone for the girls rugby program at Centennial High School,” said Bremer.

“It was the kind of teamwork we strived for all season long,” said Bremer.

“We matched CCC (Columbia County) 8 for 8 and even dropped down to 6 on 6 when their numbers went down.  And still earned a 52-15 victory. At least 8 players scored points,’’ he said.

The Girls Rugby Team is proud to recognize Tupou Fononga who was selected for the Red Hawks, Oregon’s All-Star team.  Fononga will represent Oregon in tournaments throughout the Western United States this summer. “We scrum for possession, run for the try zone, bleed for the team, and live for the game,” said Fononga.

“You have to live for those who weren’t able to.’ ’This season was really hard on us with the death of Kendra (Cornwell), but we kept her in our hearts and spirits till the very end,” said senior captain Vazquez.

Cornwel, a 2017 grad, died in a car crash on Highway 26 on March 26. Cornwell was part of the initial Centennial rugby team her freshman year.

“In turn, Centennial girl’s rugby won the bowl against Columbia County 52-15. I was able to score the final try of the season and of my high school rugby career. It’s a moment I will never forget,” said Vazquez.

“If you’re willing to work hard and are not afraid of contact, there’s a place for you on a rugby team,” said Bremer.