Cam Gives Incoming Frosh A Few Tips

Cam Gives Incoming Frosh A Few Tips

Cameron Chin, Staff Writer

For many, making the transition from middle school to high school can be a scary thing. There are many changes from switching. For one, middle school only has two grades–7th and 8th. Going into high school, there will be students as much as three years older. Everyone may seem bigger and scary, but it turns out that everyone in the school is very helpful.

To get somewhat used to the new and bigger school, teachers give freshman the first day of school to themselves so they can get used to the halls and where their classes all are. After a little while, it will start to feel like you have been at the school as long as anyone else because you get so used to it.

One way to easily become a big part of the school and be recognized is to be active and join clubs and after school activities. For one, it keeps you occupied and gets your name out there. Another reason is that it helps you make new friends that normally wouldn’t make. By participating in school activities, it makes school a more enjoyable place to be.

While first going to high school, it may seem like a long time before you finally graduate. Don’t take school for granted, because it goes by very fast, and before you know it, it will be your last day of high school and there is no going back.  

And that is a strange feeling.