Marcum’s Injury Slows Team


Emilee Pease, Staff Writer

Star softball player Charlotte Marcum suffered a back injury mid-season that took a toll on the team’s record this season.  

After starting 9-2, the team slid to a 13-13 overall record, but still qualified for the post season, where they lost 4-0 to Jesuit.  

The team’s record was really good pre-season. “We beat the teams that we needed ton like Douglass, Reynolds, Gresham.  But second round of league things started falling apart and we were just skating by,” said Marcum

Marcum not being able to play for most of this season seemed to of kill her teammates momentum.

According to Coach Steve Baker “Jaylee Kappes and Mia Bratcher were able to do their best pitching,” in Marcum’s absence.  The players were “moved from their regular position” and this has provided an “opportunity for players to try a new role,” said Baker.

Marcum was able to play outfield at times during her injury, but was unable to pitch.