Jax Tackles School Violence



Jax Flug stands by the art wall. Flug expressed his views on SADD.

Jax Flug, Cub Reporter

In the honor of the recent school shootings, it’s time to give my full opinion on this kind of stuff.  School shootings have been on the rise and are seeming to get worse and worse the more we talk about them with an effort to try to prevent them.

Centennial High School has ever been shot up but there have been gun threats; fortunately these have been limited to an empty statement written in one of the boys’ bathroom stalls.  

A lot of the time that kids shoot up schools may be because of a child not feeling like he or she is noticed enough at both home and the school or even bullied at school or both school and home.  The student may feel that a school shootout will get everyone’s attention finally and give them some social respect, but once they’ve realized what they had done they don’t want to deal with the consequences of doing something like this and resort to tragic violence.

Some people think about mental illnesses.  Mental illnesses can cause a variety of odd behaviors in people and could be a big contributor in these school shootings going on.  A person may hear voices telling them to commit heinous acts or feel the compulsion to commit this crap and listen to this then go on to shoot up schools or other things.

None of this is an excuse to these kids shooting up schools and we should start really looking into the real reason that all of this is happening.  It may not be arming teachers, may not be passing new gun laws, but looking into the school itself and seeing what is really going on that no one else seems to notice.  This can be hard because there are so many people, and so many schools, therefore we may never really may know the real reason behind these shooters’ actions all we can do is guess.

When there is a threat at CHS, and even when there is NOT a threat, some students are scared to go to school and parents hold their kids back from going to school for fear their kids will be shot.  If this continues or happens often enough, students won’t be getting the education necessary because they will be missing so much school due to the fear of school shootings.

Gun control is not going to stop something like this from happening, people will always find a method to be violent, just as nature will always find a way to reproduce.  

We probably can’t prevent something like this from happening but all we can do is tighten security and hope for the best.