Comic-Con Offers Entertainment for All


Cole Shelley, Cub Reporter

Once a year, in the spring, Comic-Con comes into town to entertain all sorts of people and fandoms that heed its calls. The comic convention, or more known as ‘Comic-Con’ is convention themed after things that would be seen as ‘nerdy’ like games, movies, comics, and more. To some, it seems like a waste of time and money, but to others, it’s a wonderland to their own amusement.

There’s always something to do at Comic-Con, such as browse their artworks. Many artists from all over America come to Comic-Con to either socialize or promote their art. They say not one person is the same, which can certainly be said to artists, for none of the artists there were the same. You can buy any art that they put on display, and you can even have artists draw you and a friend with whatever you want in it.

It’s certainly a place to spend time with your family. I like going there with my dad, a fellow nerd, and my brother, who we are obligated to bring. My dad and I could walk all over the community center looking at all sorts of trinkets, odds and ends.  My brother would only go there for useless things like Japanese candy and soda, which he later threw away.

It’s also a good time to find items that you can’t find anywhere else (unless you go on Amazon like a cheapskate)

Last year, I bought a blade from one of my favorite games, Assassin’s Creed.

This year, I bought a pocket watch for the Legend of Zelda.

There’s something for everyone at Comic-Con, and I can’t wait until next year.