CHS Welcomes Martinez To Attendance Role



Maria Martinez works at her desk. Martinez started working at Centennial on Monday, April 23.

Ajla Salkic , Staff Writer

The new attendance secretary, Maria Martinez, started on Monday, April 23.

Martinez, 31, is married with three kids. She lives an active life and loves to hike, cook and go to the park with her children.  

She chose to come to Centennial because it is really close to where she lives and her family lives close as well.  One of the things she likes about Centennial is that “It’s fast paced. I like that there’s a lot of kids,” Martinez said.

One of Martinez’s goals is to raise attendance percentage. Martinez wants students to get here on time and not miss as much school as they currently do.  

So far Martinez is enjoying her position here at Centennial and is getting along with staff members.

Secretary Shelley Johnson said, “She’s amazing and knows her stuff!”