FBLA Finishes State Competition



The FBLA club took off for the State Competition in downtown Portland on April 5. FBLA performed well at state.

Brian Koll OR FBLA Who’s Who
Brandan Sayrath (Class of 2012) OR FBLA Alumni of the Year
Gold Chapter Chapter Recognition Award
Goal Seal Award of Merit Chapter Recognition Award
Government Promotion Project Chapter Recognition Award
Outstanding Chapter Chapter Recognition Award
1st Place Annual Business Report Sarah Ali & Katee Early
1st Place Business Financial Plan Katee Early, Wendy Hanken, Oscar Reyes
1st Place Business Plan Kameron Berry, Brian Chut, Brian Koll
1st Place EPortfolio Shelia Trnjanian
1st Place Introduction to Business Sean Cochran
1st Place Website Development Stephani Jeronimo, Diane Lobato, Abby Mullins
2nd Place American Enterprise Project Sean Cochran, Tabarek Alsaood, Michael Yurchenko
2nd Place Business Financial Plan Sarah Ali & Josue Silva
2nd Place Business Plan Neyat Abraham, Selvyn Larios, Tui Dawn Laithang
2nd Place Chapter Website Stephani Jeronimo
2nd Place Community Service Project Olivia Harms, Liz Meza, Makaila Susi
3rd Place March of Dimes Olivia Harms
5th Place Accounting I Venessa Kuchenik
6th Place Client Services Honey Sebeh
6th Place Insurance & Risk Management Oliva Harms
8th Place Network Design Sarah Ali
8th Place Insurance & Risk Management Isabella Dostert
9th Place Personal Finance Sheila Trnjanin
10th Place Introduction to Business Procedures Wendy Hanken
10th Place Introduction to Technology Concepts Madisen Kramer