Boys Tennis



First Doubles Kenny Chu, returning a shot.

Olivia Harms , Staff Writer and Feature Editior

Centennial boys tennis team is holding its own with an overall game score of 4-4.  

Tennis is one of many sports that is very affected by the weather.  Between recent rain outs, and spring break, many match days have be rescheduled.  This has had a heavy impact on the players.

“Someone who has stepped up this year is Travis Huynh, Kris Tran, the twins Travis and Trevor Huynh, Tomas Moua, and Austin Lee, who didn’t play last year, but is fourth doubles, they all are showing a lot of potential,” said Mei.

Kris Tran and Jaden Price ready for an incoming serve.

Last Monday night, the Eagles won against the Gresham Gophers, with mostly bagels and breadsticks, making the overall gamescore 4-3.

Austin Peng reaching for a ball.

Last Tuesday the boys lost to David Douglas, only winning 2 varsity matches, Travis and Chris.  Making the new record 4-4.

In reference to the season, Mei said that it has been good, “Good, but a little rocky, just because of how many sophomores had  to step up to varsity because of all the seniors who left last year. They still have a lot to improve on as far as technique and strategy.”
This week, the are matches on Thursday, and Friday.  All matches start at 3:30. However, it is looking like it will be a very rainy, but will be getting warmer as the week goes on.