Ava Gives Her Inside Look At FBLA’s State Run



Ava Fischer

Ava Fischer, Staff Writer

SBLC, the state business leadership conference, was a hoot and a half.  FBLA members went away for three days last week to compete in all different kinds of events; there was also a little bit of fun mixed in with all this business.  Members got to explore the city, putt-putt golf, and celebrate Advisor Adriann Hardin’s birthday.

The FBLA chapter boarded a bus at 8 am on April 5, and had a day full of competing and unpacking.  For many, this was a first time experience and they really got lost in all the excitement. Members didn’t really have time for “fun” the first day because of all the stress and tiredness of the day, but still found time to explore and go to the mall.

The next day was jam-packed with activity.  Centennial’s very own Sarah Ali was running a very convincing campaign for FBLA State President, so many people helped support her and volunteer at her campaign booth. Voting delegates got specially chosen from each chapter and got to go to a secret meeting to vote.

After voting, all members got the opportunity to take the train to go putt-putt golfing with other schools.  They had a great time meeting new people and practicing golf. When they returned to the hotel, they sat in the lobby and shared what FBLA means to them.  Many tears were shed, especially from advisor Adriann Hardin; there were only some few, soulless people who didn’t cry.

The last day was full of mixed emotions.  People were excited to get home and rest, but sad to leave behind this experience.  Everyone woke up early to pack and get ready for awards. All chapters hustled down to the last ceremony to find out who placed and would qualify for nationals.

Going to State was a magical time where you can do something you’re passionate about and bond with people you would have never connected with otherwise.