Recent Losses Lead to SADD Changes

Emilee Pease, Staff Writer

Centennial High schools annual Every Fifteen Minutes program has undergone a few changes this year due to several losses Centennial has faced this past year.  The school wants to makes sure everyone’s emotional health is put into consideration and doesn’t want to put on anything disrespectful to anyone. That being said the school tried their best to alter but did they really make the best decision?

This program is very important and has a great overall message of teaching students to make the best decisions for themselves not just in the sense of drinking and driving but with all reckless activity that could have a impact on their lives and others.  Students need this program. It is very powerful and really makes you think, but is it so terrible just to take a break for one year or so to let people heal? The modifications still insist of some graphic content that may not sit well with everyone. So wouldn’t it be smart just to play it safe and not poor salt in the wound.

The tragic events that occured this year  seem to be example enough for what can happen in result of reckless decision.

On the other had, even though the program is undergoing changes this could still be too much for people in the community. Do we really want to put something on that is going to bring up a lot of emotion and is still a sensitive subject at Centennial?

We understand that this situation is a very complicated one and this has been a very difficult decision.  Everyone should understand that the people behind this program have the intent to educate people and make students safer, not to offend or hurt anyone.