Ellen Pearsall Says Goodbye after 23 Years



Ellen Pearsall stands outside lecture room classroom. Pearsall looks forward to the many adventures that come with retirement.

Daniella Young, Staff Writer

After working as an educational assistant for 23 years, Ellen Pearsall will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Throughout the experiences of working with different teachers, Pearsall has learned about working with them as a team in order for students to succeed, in addition to becoming familiar with the structure of how teachers run their classrooms.

Over the years, Pearsall’s job has brought great pleasure and special meaning to her life.

“I enjoy just being in the classroom with the students and working to help them to their best abilities,” she said.

Pearsall’s favorite memory at Centennial happened 10-12 years ago when the school was undergoing an extensive remodel.

On the first day of school in cooking class, the students were baking and when they went to turn the ovens on, the students discovered that there was still leftover spray in the ovens which activated the fire alarm, and everyone exited the building.

“It was actually pretty hilarious,” she laughed.

As for retirement ambitions, Pearsall hopes to volunteer at her grandson’s grade school and Shriners hospital for children.

Pearsall is also looking forward to the countless adventures that retirement brings to the table.

“Possibly, we might be going to Australia in November,” she stated.

For future students, Pearsall emphasized that being diligent and respectful are key.

“Be responsible for yourself and do what is asked (of you),”said Pearsall.

For future educational assistants, Pearsall encourages flexibility and respecting students while having fun with them but making sure that they’re aware of what educational assistants represent.

Although Pearsall is looking forward to retirement, she will miss the Centennial community deeply.

“It’s going to be very hard for me to retire, but I want to travel and spend more time with my grandson and my husband,” Pearsall remarked.

Pearsall has learned many life lessons throughout her teaching experiences and is joyfully transitioning into a new stage of life.

“Life is full of phases and I’m just entering a new phase of life.”