Difficult Year Leads to EFM Changes



The EFM boxes with pictures outside the commons. Here students can write notes to peers participation in the event.

Every fifteen minutes, or EFM has been altered this year at Centennial High School in lue of the losses our school has had, especially this year.

These changes have been made in order to make events less triggering for individuals throughout the school.

“The most important part,” says Jimmy Mei, “is the pledges the students can make on Friday.  

Students will be given the option on Friday during all three lunches to pledge to make safe decisions.

The first 200 students to pledge will get a free shirt, that says W.reckless.”

As proclaimed in the assembly earlier this week, the major theme this week is, ‘W.reckless.’  Signifying the choices students have to make their decisions reckless or wreck-less.

“Friday will be more positive,” said Mei.  It will not be focused thoughts such as, ‘if I die, I will miss…’, like it has been in the past, but rather focusing on what ‘I want to live for…’

Mei goes on to say, “That’s really where most of the school will participate, were all the students will be invited to make a pledge.”

The car crash will be optional, and students will not be dressed up or have face paint on when walking through the halls, but will have a balloon and a black shirt saying W.reckless.

Students will also not be staying overnight at a hotel, however Mei said they might be staying at the school instead.

This is a very triggering topic for many students, so for all students, be very respectful to everyone involved.

“It’s hard to say,” said Mei in regards to how EFM will be next year, “who knows what will happen, so we down know what the future holds.”