Senior Wins Section 8 Heart Of The Arts Award



Emma Dobesh outside of her 2nd period class. Dobesh was one of the few students to be recognized with this prestigious award.

Daniella Young, Staff Writer

Emma Dobesh, a member of the class of 2018, was recently awarded the National High School Heart of the Arts Award on March 12. The award examines all students in section eight, which includes the states of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska.

Nineteen thousand high schools in these states are eligible to nominate students for this prestigious award.

This award recognizes the individuals who demonstrate values such as volunteerism, involvement in school based activities/athletics and how the student faces difficult challenges, as well as a student’s GPA being taken into account.

In addition to academic aspects being important, students who establish a positive heart for the arts while representing the core mission of educational-based activities are recognized.

Dobesh will be accepting the award on Monday, April 9 at the delicate assembly at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn.