Boys Rugby Starts Under Church

Eli Porterfield, Sports Editor

The boys rugby team are preparing for their first season, led by senior Sean Church with their first game began on March 17th with a game against Oregon City. While the Eagles put up a good fight, the match wasn’t close with Oregon City winning easily. Although the Eagles put up a good fight, the final score was 5-40.

Matches last a total of 90 minutes and each team has 15 players.Over the past few weeks, the number of players participating has steadily increased. At first there was only five players, but that number has grown to over 20 players recently.

Ahead of the upcoming season, player Geno Colon stated many things before the season. Colon emphasized the strong potential within the team. He’s hoping to build a foundation of rugby for years to come. Rugby stresses the importance of unity and togetherness. A true sense of family within the team is built up. After every game the team will meet and talk with the other team and get to know them.

Practices are currently being held every Monday-Friday. People thinking about joining rugby can get more information through posters with information or by contacting a player. They will then be in contact with head coach Anthony Savage.

Some stronger teams in league play this year will include Oregon City and the Portland Pumas. To be successful, he noted that the entire team is key. Trust and relying on each other will be critical to the team’s success.

The next game will be against Battleground on Saturday March 24th. To beat Battleground, Geno stated that there needs to be more aggression all around and play the man more than the ball.