Girls Tennis Serves A Whole New Roster



In May of 2017 Senior Aunalyn Colipano takes a swing. Coach Peterson was optimistic when discussing the upcoming season.

Adnan Agic, Staff Writer

The upcoming season for Girls tennis is starting and that means that the new single and doubles teams have been made. The singles players consist of (1) Lena Karam, (2) Mary Karam (3) Miki Moua (4) Diane Nguyen. The doubles teams are (1) Avelina Borovskiy and Kailea Messenger (2) Sarah Lee and Olivia Harms (3) Louise Kim and Britney Ta and (4) Kelly Tran and Sheyla Luna Torres. There is a lot more diversity of experience in this year’s team compared to last year’s. Last year there were many seniors on the team and with them gone many underclassmen are now brought up to compete and challenge for the top spots.

Although that is the set order for now, there is always a challenge bracket if a player would like to move up a spot, so the order could always change. The way it is set up now is what gives the players the best chance to win matches, along with establishing who the best players are.

Coach Ben Petersen had this to say about the upcoming season, “I’m really excited for the season, I think we have some players that can go far in districts and do really well while also adding 11 new players which will help us establish longevity in the program. But we did have to make cuts because unfortunately we don’t have many facilities and paid coach positions to be able to have everyone on the team. A main goal for this season is trying to find a balance of improving skills while being able to get everyone to play and have fun.”