Nurse Tori Takes Position at ‘Our House,’ Leaves CHS


Today is Nurse Tori Labuhn’s last day. She is leaving CHS after seven years to work a part time job at ‘Our House’.

Rebecca Johnson, Staff Writer

Today will be the last day that Nurse Tori Labuhn will be at Centennial High School.

Labuhn has been working at Centennial for seven school years and is leaving to take a part time job closer to home and her newborn.

She will be working at a place called Our House which helps low income people who are HIV positive.

Labuhn has mixed emotions about leaving CHS.  One piece of advice she had for the students is, “Just make good choices to take care of yourself and be healthy. Be kind to yourselves and to each other.”

Due to Labuhn leaving, both Shelley Johnson, front office secretary, as well as Joe Massey, security, will act as the “nurses.” This is the same role they had when Labuhn was on leave when she had her baby.

“I’m very sad that Nurse Tori is leaving because she’s been a big part of this family for a long time,” said Johnson.