Boys Basketball Ends With Victory At Reynolds


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Senior David Kunda.

Adnan Agic, Staff Writer

The (2-11) Eagles finished off their season against the (1-12) league Reynolds Raiders last Friday after several missed practices due to school cancellations for snow.


The game started off close as both teams were struggling to find their offensive groove, but in the second quarter the Eagles started pressing the Raiders which lead to quick turnovers and more easy transition buckets for the Eagles. The Eagles were able to hold on to that lead throughout the game and David Kunda got it going and ended the game with 13 points and the Eagles won 54-34 improving their league record to (3-11) and an overall record of 5-19.


Throughout the season although the Eagles struggled there were some standouts. Kunda was one of the leading scorers and rebounders, averaging 12.5 points per game and 10 rebounds per game. Right alongside him were sophomore and junior guards Jimmie Barton and Thomas Anderson averaging 14 and 9 points per game.

The Eagles also ranked second in points allowed in the Mt. Hood conference. Their defense was stellar throughout the year but the offense struggled and finished  ranked next to last in the Mt. Hood Conference.

Along with the offense struggling turnovers, played a huge part in the games as well as they did not take care of the ball well. The average margin of victory in the five wins was 16.2, but the margin of defeat in the first 10 games of the season was 5.2 points per game, showing that every game was close.


Although the record doesn’t show a successful season, some players have made huge strides to get better for the next year. Coach John Poetsch said, ¨It was a very inconsistent season, and that was evident with our starting lineup because we had all 13 players start at some point. Although the season didn’t go as intended, we have a lot to look forward to.¨


One of the reasons the Eagles struggled this year and the last couple of years is because of the lack of youth programs. There isn’t much cohesiveness between the elementary, middle school, and high school programs, Poetsch said.  With different coaches coming in and out there is not much chemistry there, either.  “If the youth programs were to improve I believe that all aspects of Centennial basketball would improve, because kids would be ready by the time their in high school,” he said.


Senior guard Chris Cernatescu was lost when talking about the season coming to an end. “It’s just crazy man, I’ve been playing here for four years and it’s finally come to an end. It was great to come out with a win.”


Tj Tyler had similar thoughts.  “We all started playing together four years ago and now that it’s all come to an end it’s so surreal to me. The season wasn’t exactly how we wanted it to go but it was good to end it with a win,” he said.


John Doumit a senior forward added, ¨It was a rough season that had a lot of inconsistencies but I still enjoyed the ride.¨


Both Kunda and Barton received honorable mention for the Mount Hood Conference.