Kunda Takes Personal Look At Basketball Season


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Senior David Kunda.

David Kunda, Staff Writer

With the season officially concluded, seven seniors will never take the court ever again. David Kunda, Sonam Phuntsok, Chris Cernatestcu, Eli Porterfield, John Doumit, Tj Tyler, and Anthony Barber feature this year’s seniors. Even though the Eagles won their last two out of three games, there’s no denying it was a disappointing season. The seniors stuck together throughout the four years and gelled to make long lasting friendships, sticking around after various coaching changes.

To be completely honest, this season was the most frustrating season in my basketball career. There were many close games that were blown away just by a couple of lazy possessions and mental errors. We competed with teams like Tualatin and Clackamas and then crumbled in some games like Hillsboro and Gresham. The personnel was new and the chemistry could have been better if the players had a little more experience with each other.

Sometimes I felt like players were trying too hard to play hero ball, rather than just moving the ball around. I know this isn’t just coming from me, but most, if not all the seniors, will regret how we played this year. I took some plays off and sometimes got really frustrated when things weren’t going my way knowing I was one of the best players on the court. I started thinking a lot about playing in college and got way ahead of myself when I should of been living in the moment and focused on what’s right in front of me.

Moving on to the other seniors, here are their final thoughts on how the season went and what they took from it:

Sonam Phuntsok: “It’s tough, knowing we never played to the level we were capable of, but it was a fun ride.” Phuntsok reveals his future plans including joining the CIA, as he dreamed of it since a kid, watching them in movies.

John Doumit: “It’s definitely not the way we wanted our senior year to end, but I wouldn’t have spent it with anyone else.” Doumit is planning on studying business and one day creating a new official sport that involves competitive NBA 2k and Madden tournaments.

Eli Porterfield: “Although it didn’t go the way we wanted, it was still a great experience that I will cherish for my whole life.” Porterfield looks to pursue a career in politics and obtain his true passion of one day becoming the President of the United States.

Chris Cernatescu: “Even though it didn’t go so well, being around my friends made it much better and fun.” Cernatescu dreams of attending and representing his home country, Romania, at the 2022 Winter Olympics as you can catch him at the mountain “shredding” almost every weekend.
Anthony Barber: “It was an up and down season but overall it was great playing with my teammates and enjoyed the last season of my senior year.” Barber will try out his luck and will be producing music as a hobby and hopes to someday make it big and make his mom proud.

TJ Tyler: “Trust the process.” Tyler stated this as he was being heavily recruited and will be attending LA Fitness to further his basketball career as a 4-star prospect.