Committee Aims At Increasing Attendance



Greg Melvin sits at his desk doing work. Melvin had quite a bit to say about attendance.

Cameron Chin, Staff Writer

At Centennial, many students, administrators and staff have started the attendance committee.   The attendance rate is not at the level that the committee would like them to be at, which is why they initiated it. The whole goal of this is to get students to come to school and raise the attendance numbers. Attendance is one of the most important things for a student.

Greg Melvin, Dean of Students, said “Positive attendance is the number one reason kids graduate.”

The data of all the students’ attendance gave a reason to start the committee. Everyone wants the students to be at school and get a quality education. “Students need to be here if they want to graduate,” said Melvin.

Members of the committee come from all over the place. There include students, teachers, security, REAP, administrators, counselors, and even the principal. On the committee, we have Greg Melvin, Daniel Shelton, ASB president Rhyan Becker, Phillip Clark, Kendall Wing, Scott Olson, Amy Simmons, Nicole Johnson, Debbie Dube, Mark Porterfield, Brian Gross and Mairi Scott-Aguirre.

Melvin is positive that this committee will work and get students to come to school. He feels like it will have a big impact on the students and an increase in the attendance rate.

Daniel Shelton said, “Follow up and consistency is going to make the attendance rate imp