Transferring From David Douglas to Centennial Mid-Year Isn’t Easy


Pema Khandro from David Douglas High School. Spent her first lunch alone in the bathroom. She has had an interesting experience so far.

Transitioning from high schools during the middle of the school year is a challenge; I can still remember my stomach churning while my Dad drove me into the CHS school parking lot.

Many people wished me good luck that morning, telling me that I would be okay,  that I’d make friends fast and my grades wouldn’t suffer. Walking into my new school, this didn’t seem to be the case.

Centennial’s campus is a bit smaller than David Douglas’ so memorizing my classes was easy. However, arriving late to every single class was a definite due to my lack of knowledge as to where everything was.

I’m also used to the block schedule (A and B days, four periods a day) where here at Centennial 7 periods a day, so the pace here was different.

Excruciating minutes spent staring at my phone while sitting on a toilet seat inside the bathroom stall is how I spent my very first lunch.  Truly memorable moment.

“I wouldn’t have thought you’d be the person sitting all by yourself in the bathroom,” said my Dad later that day.

A pro about switching to Centennial is the phone rule. At Douglas they won’t let you use your phones at all.  If you don’t follow the “no phone” rule at DD, you get sent to detention.