Unity Assembly Flies Friday



Daniel Shelton, one of the REAP advisers.

Unity Week has been rescheduled for the second year in a row due to snow cancelling school.

On Friday, March 2, there will be a one hour assembly that will be focused on Black History assembly at Centennial according to Jimmy Mei, Activities Director.

Mei explained that in the past, Unity Week did not really focus on Black History Month.

“We want to move beyond Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman,” said Daniel Shelton, REAP Coordinator.

The assembly will consist of the choir singing followed with a small bio about it, a poem that will be spoken by Shelton, a video regarding Black History Month, a guest speaker, and lastly a small surprise dance done by two students.

Due to the snow, there was a last minute change for who the guest speaker will be.

The original guest speaker was going to be Joyce Harris but now it will be Mark Jackson, Shelton explains.

Jackson will be talking about his experience with this month, his experience, and will be alleviating the “n” word and how it is being said by different people.