Students Have 20 Days to Change Classes



Sally Menolascina working at her computer. Menolascina encouraged students to make their schedule changes if needed.

With second semester officially underway, students are starting to find out if they would like to keep their schedules or change them around.

Students have two options when it comes to changing their classes. Either they can change their current class for another class like an elective or a dismissal/early release, or they have the option to drop the class. If students would like to drop the class they must do it within the first 20 days of the semester. Otherwise the student will receive an F, but still be able to drop the course.

“The sooner that students can figure out what they want to do the better,” said counselor Sally Menolascina.

Many try to switch or drop within the 20 day deadline, she said. The longer they wait, the further they are behind their “new class,”  she said.