Centennial Makes Their Super Bowl Predictions

David Kunda, Staff Writer

A major event for many people this weekend is the Super Bowl. In the 52nd Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles are facing the New England Patriots. The Talon asked people for their picks about the game.

Teacher Mick Nelson

Mick Nelson:

Pick: New England Patriots

Score: 34-25

Reason:  “They have a Quarterback named Tom Brady.”

Brennan Kelsall

Brennan Kelsall:

Pick: New England Patriots

Score: 35-13

Reason: “Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest-of-all-time).”

Nick Wesley

Nick Wesley:

Pick: New England Patriots

Score: 35-10

Reason: “They always win, it’s the Pats.”

Miguel Carrillo

Miguel Carrillo:

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Score: 32-24

Reason: “I think the Patriots are overrated. The Eagles will come out strong and pumped.”

Vice Principal Mark Porterfield

Mark Porterfield:

Pick: New England Patriots

Score: 28-14

Reason: “I don’t want the Patriots to win. I’m tired of ‘em but they’re the better team.”

Athletic Director Brent Child

Brent Child:

Pick: New England Patriots

Score: 31-21

Reason: “Two Pac-12 players will keep the Eagles in the game, Nick Foles and LeGarrette Blount. They will keep it close but then…Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will work their magic in typical fourth quarter fashion.”