Accreditation Process Starts On Feb. 6


Cameron Chin, Staff Writer

Accreditation is a process that is mandatory for all schools to go through. Every five years, there is a two-day process called “accreditation.” According Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre, a group of evaluators comes into the school and goes to classrooms to examine the school and make sure everything is running smoothly. The team is made of all educators, mostly administrators.

The process occurs on February 6 and 7 this year. On the first day, the accreditation team goes into the classrooms to observe. On the second day, they look for the school qualifying factors.

Good things that come out of this process is that it forces you to fix things, said Scott-Aguirre. This may sound like a bad thing, but it forces the school to fix problems, she said.

When referring to the bright side of accreditation, Mairi Scott-Aguirre said that “It is nice to hear that you are doing well.”

On the other hand, a negative would be the amount of time spent on the whole process.

The accreditation team writes up a report over their two days at the school and gives it to the top administrators. They then hear the general results by then end of the day on Feb. 7. The official report will be available two to three weeks after the visitations when the administrators receive a written letter of how the school did.