Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!



A group of Aussies gather outside of Rachel Davidson’s 2nd period class. Every Aussie had some interesting things to say about their visit.

This past week 40 Australians came to Oregon to stay with Centennial families for 10 days.  During the school day they went to some of Oregon’s signature attractions, such as Seaside, Multnomah Falls, Downtown Portland, and attended a day at Centennial on Thursday, Jan. 11.

The Talon asked the Aussies:  How’s your trip to America been so far? How is life ‘Down Under” different from life here?

“The weather could be better, and the food’s really salty (here).  And we drive on the other side of the road,” said senior Lachlan Turner.

“It’s good, but people in public are a little rude. No one says your welcome but it’s not that much different,”  said senior Allissa Redman.

“It’s weird, but exciting. I miss the kangaroos, and there’s no fun wildlife. But the architecture is nice,”  said senior Tylah Syme.

 “Pretty good, you guys have bad highways. You need to spend more money on the highways than on the military.”  said senior Lauren Tranerry.

“It’s different, there’s sugar in everything, and peanut butter. I enjoyed seeing the differences and comparing them,” said senior Skye Speechley.

“It’s very different. People are able to express themselves more freely here,” said sophomore Harrison Turner.