Seniors Should Note End-Of-Year Dates


Wendy Wrobel, Editor and Photographer

Graduation is coming up fast and Centennial’s counselors are ready to help the Class of 2018 graduate. Counselor Scott Olson shared these important dates for all Seniors.


  • 9 – 85% attendance started. Students must have an 85% attendance rate from January 9 to April 13 to attend the 2018 prom.
  • End of Month – Senior picture check. All turned in photos will be displayed in front of the library so be sure to double check that all photos are accounted for.


  • 1 – Oregon Promise Deadline. There is no acceptance of late applications so get them turned in on time.
  • Mid March – Get registered. Students should be registered for PCC and MHCC by this date.


  • 9 – 13- Every 15 minutes; Prom Week
  • 10 – Prom Assembly
  • 14 – Prom


  • 1 – Commitment Day. Seniors need to commit to the universities they plan to attend in the fall.
  • End of Month – Senior Meeting


    • 4 – Senior Award Night in Auditorium
    • 4 – 8 – Finals week for Seniors
    • 8 – Seniors last day
    • 13th – Graduation at Memorial Coliseum  

Graduation will be on June 13 from 7-8:30pm at the Memorial Coliseum. Students will be asked to attend a rehearsal in order to be able to participate in the ceremony.  Information on this will be announced later on during second semester. Each student will be given tickets before the day of graduation for their friends and family to attend; the specific number will be determined later.