Personal Perspective: Time Flies


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Baseem Saad

Baseem Saad, Staff Writer

It’s almost at the halfway point of the season and the team is learning a lot. As a team, the style of wrestling was relatively passive.

Let them make a move and capitalize on their mistake, but the coaches decided to change that up when it wasn’t working at the NW Duals.

“Let’s make a deal.  Every single one of you is gonna take the first shot,”  said Head Coach Roger Mathews.

In wrestling, being aggressive and offensive is usually the style that does best. They can’t attack you if you don’t stop attacking them.  

Day one we wrestled a very defensive style and we didn’t do as well as we could have; points were scored on us that should not have been.

Day two we changed it up, and the results were way different. We were almost unstoppable.

We never gave the enemy a chance to breathe. This realization that we are an attack style team came just in time, we are halfway through the season.

The varsity team has faced tough teams and we know now that winning is possible. We can beat the tough schools.

Every practice gets more and more intense. With state creeping closer and closer, the goal is clear and the will to achieve it is unbreakable.  

The team is much smaller than when we started with more than 50 wrestlers, but the kids who weren’t up for the challenge are gone and we’re left with only the strong (36).  All are willing to do anything to get to the end goal.  

With only half a season left,the wrestlers are “All In” and we are ready for war.

The mat room has a different feel to it. We have said goodbye to all the fun and games and decided that everyday is going to be a step up from the last.

We are pushing ourselves and our team because we all know that this is it. We are here to win, not medals, gold medals.